Sunday, December 24, 2006

Shipwreck Opening Night reports on the Shipwreck opening night. It appears good friend Julianna Margulies was there in support as well!

Julianna Margulies, of "E.R.," who did time at Lincoln Center, too (Ten Unknowns) and Broadway last spring (Festen), was Ehle's cheerleader for the evening. "Yes, I am also biased, but I think it's a spectacular theatrical experience." She hopes to be back on the boards herself soon. "I'm looking for something, but I always need a break in between."

Ehle, who copped her Tony as another of Stoppard's chaotically married women in the revival of The Real Thing six years ago, would be more than at home in the role without the little summer brush-up she did as Lady Macbeth opposite Liev Schreiber in the park.

"I have never been as happy on stage saying a playwright's words as when I am playing a Stoppard woman," she declared. "It's true. I just adore attempting to embody them."

Accent on "body." She does a nude scene here, and O'Brien has directed it with great delicacy and discretion. (Actually, there are so many other things going on in the scene that you bearly/barely notice.) "I've only done one nude scene when I was 21," she recalled, "and I haven't done any since. But this particular one wasn't an issue."

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Kerry said...

Two things:
1- I agree with the blogger who said that JE's nude scene is the least distracting, most not uncomfortable (does that even make sense?), that I've ever seen. You really dont realize she is in her birthday suit on stage - almost.
2-How the hell tall is Julianna Margulies? JE is nearly a tree herself and look, JM's towering over her! Well, in my glorious 5'4" opinion.