Friday, December 29, 2006

Nothin' Like a Dame 2007

The Nothin' Like a Dame concert has been set for March 19 2007, and though Jennifer Ehle and Rosemary Harris were in it last year, it has not yet been confirmed whether they will be attending this year.

After-party activity was reported by Variety:
Amidst such camaraderie, the mood was quite light at an after-party following the weighty, sprawling play about 19th-century Russian revolutionaries: Ethan Hawke held court in a black vest seemingly not bothering to change out of one of his costumes, while Jennifer Ehle instead changed from her period frocks and wig into ratty jeans and a leather jacket to gracefully accept compliments at the Avery Fisher Hall dinner.

Meantime, Martha Plimpton couldn't sit still, flitting about and successfully working the room. "Wait till you see the next part," enthused the show's director Jack O'Brien when asked how he's managed to create a legit show that's staged like a perfectly shot film. "I'm gonna blow this shit up!"

This picture is from the opening night of Shipwreck. More photos from the opening nights of Shipwreck and Voyage can be found at Getty when you search "ehle".

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