Sunday, December 24, 2006

Bloomberg Article

This Bloomberg Article explains the plot of Shipwreck.

There's also a review from Surplus. More available at the website.
Last night marked, as far as things are planned, my last theatrical expedition of 2006 - part two of The Coast of Utopia, Shipwreck. (Top ten list coming soon, since I wrote it up at home, and saved it there, and if I were to try to recreate it here, it would inevitably be wrong.) I don't have a ton to say about Shipwreck - my reaction is very similar to how I took part one (scroll down), if last night's curtain call, though staged the same, was less thrilling. I also wasn't in quite as attentive a mental place (or as close-to-the-front a seat), but that couldn't entirely ruin it. Notable differences: Jennifer Ehle was great. And also hot, while pulling off the most tasteful (as in least distracting or uncomfortable-making) nude scene ever. She looks like a painting. "I've seen that in the Met." And speaking of hot and incredibly talented, at the risk of sounding like a total lesbian, there's also Amy Irving. She only has one scene in this part, but she's fantastic. (And looks about 25.) I know her mostly as Mrs. Arvin Sloane, so this transformation was especially impressive.

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