Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Billy Crudup Q&A

Here's a Billy Crudup Q&A from He talks about the whole play and about his characters and some other actors.
Here are the first two questions:
You've just had your first performance of "Shipwreck," the second part of The Coast of Utopia. How did it go?
It went very well, all things considered. To step out onto a stage where you're familiar with the set, with the actors, with the house, with the character—and you don't have a clue about a play—is a really novel feeling. I was mostly engaged in managing the feeling last night. But it was really fun.

As far as your appearance in part 2, the playwright gives us a little clue in this stage direction: "Belinsky is thirty-six and less than a year from death."
[Laughs] Tom doesn't leave much suspense there for the reader.

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