Monday, November 06, 2006

More love for Voyage

Dork Out Dude has seen Voyage and reports:
Last night, after more than a week’s worth of hopeful trips to the TKTS booth in Times Square, Keith decided it was time to see Voyage - the first of a collection of three plays by Tom Stoppard called The Coast of Utopia - at any cost. I feel like the luckiest person to have been able to go with him. It was magnificent. Each character, as Keith said while we walked out of the theater, was sympathetic. “You just wanted to go up on stage and talk to them. You wanted to know them. Or, at least, I did.”

Lincoln Center Theater was another experience in itself - a semicircular pitch, I think the shape is called. The sets and the were managed perfectly and dynamically, and worked to make each scene lively and interesting. There really was not a single moment when I felt it was insincere, forced, or slow. What a triumph for such a philosophical, cerebral play to be performed with an overall sense of excitement and true thrill.

I’m going to be injecting Shipwreck and Salvage, the other two plays in the series, into my reading list and will be getting tickets to them also. More to come on Stoppard’s brilliance, Russia’s intellectual history, and specific cast members.

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