Sunday, October 01, 2006

Michael Clayton review- Advance Screening

An IMDB member has reported seeing and advance screening of Michael Clayton. Some nice comments, some slightly critical, but the first review!
"I loved every minute of this movie. it was such a good film. the had to be between the ages of 21 and like 49 but my friend and i are both 17-18 and they didnt check our ids, oh boy oh boy did we stick out bewteen all these older people. but after watching it, i think a younger audience would love this movie. it was filled with drama, suspence, funny moments sad moment. it really mad you think. they said we were the first to see it, but they always say that, which is leading me into this, the only problem i had with the movie with the begning, actualy half of it. i was so into it, yet i didnt have a clue of what was going on, and alot of the audience felt that way, we got lost with the plot. it seemed that it was about this, then maybe it was about that, then no maybe this, finally half way through i was like oh ok now i get it, it makes sense now, if they just said that in the begnning. but then i have a feeling maybe because it hasnt been edited yet, certian things wont be in there that dont need to be in there, u know what im saying? and maybe it was kinda good, maybe thats what they were trying to go for, cause boy did it make me think a lot and thats a good thing. the acting was supurb. i hope all the actors get some type of nod for this. and it was such an entertaining movie. i loved every minute of it, i dont think there really was a dull moment in it. i loved the end, it was witty, and smart and funny. i actualy am a fan of goerge now after watching this. the one big problem my friend and i had as well as many others actually was the title of the movie. it doesnt fit with the story, so i really hope they change it. when i went in, the title made me think "ok what is this about, its about him, the character, some witty smart ass guy, hes doing something yada yada yada" but really it wasnt, i mean it is and it isnt, it just needs a different name, and not the name of the character. well the only thing il give away is this one scene between goerges kid and his friend, and they're talking on the phone, i thought it was funny, and smart and just so darn cute, but it should be cut from the film casue it really didnt go along with the plot i just thought it was a nice scene. well ok if anyone has any questions just ask of pm me cause i dont want to put spoilers up!!! "

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