Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Pride and Prejudice 10th Anniversary Reviews

On Amazon (UK), 38 customer reviews have been written about the 10th Anniversary Edition of Pride and Prejudice. The average customer rating is 4 1/2 stars of 5. These are some of the stand out quotes:
"The casting of the leads is absolutely perfect for this movie: Ehle and Firth are nothing short of amazing. Both are witty, smart, and a bit snotty in their own ways. Firth's Darcy is a selfish man who gradually becomes warm and kind, while Ehle's Lizzie is strong, independent, and Darcy's equal in every way. And neither will marry for anything but true love.
This edition has a bunch of extras for the rabid Austenite -- a "making of" book, documentaries about Austen and the miniseries itself, and interviews with the people responsible. It's a nicely-rounded addition that will take a look at how both the book and movies came to be."

"Also, this film is brilliantly cast. Jennifer Ehle is stunning and her wit and classical training come through on screen. Her expressive eyes are telling and express emotion without the necessity of dialogue."


Katy said...

A very insightful review. I think I shall have to look into this tenth aniversary edition. I've been losing myself in Pride and Prejudice for the last week, looking at the various editions. Bride and Prejudice started me off on this last stint. "no life without wife"

Jennite said...

Heh, love that song. Note that the 10th anniversary edition is not the same as the collector's edition. The former was released in the UK and is no different from the special edition except for the cover. The collector's edition was recently released in the US and contains a third disc with extra features. It also comes with the "Making of" book.

Anonymous said...

Ooo...I recently saw Bride and Prejudice. What fun!! Made me want to travel to India! And I loved the actress who played Lalita, Aishwarya Rai.
I'm trying to decide if this new box set of P&P is worth the purchuse. It sounds like I already have all the extras.

Jennite said...

Hold on, to clarify: the 3-disc box-set US collector's edition is also called the 10th anniversary edition. This is different from the 2-disc UK 10th anniversary edition (the edition reviewed in Chelsea's post above). It's a plot to confuse bloggers, I tell you.