Sunday, September 17, 2006

Ponder This

More things to ponder about the Coast of Utopia, from Zacko's Myspace.
Some helpful quotes that get me through The Coast of Utopia

"Our emotional-Psychological makeup is such that our only response to an order to think or feel anything is rebellion. Think of the times someone suggested you "Cheer up," of the perfect young person your friends wanted to fix you up with, of the director who suggested you"relax". The response to an emotional demand is antagonism and rebellion. there is no exception. if one were truly able to comand one's consious thoughts, to summon emotion at will, there would be no neurosis, no psychosis, no psychoanaysis, no sadness."

-David Mamet

"Before you build a wall, know what your walling out."

-Robert Frost

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