Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ebay + River King review

Here's something from e-bay for the very obsessed (pictured).

Complimentary River King review from Blockbuster (UK)
Edward Burns stars in this gripping thriller based on the best selling novel by Alice Hoffman. The body of a boy from a local boarding school is found lying frozen in a lake. Abel Grey is sent to investigate, the school insists that the boy’s death was suicide however Abel insists foul play. Tensions mount as Abel breaks with his Police Department’s position and goes out on his own to prove that the boy’s death was murder.

Many movies these days – particularly Hollywood ones, are very formulaic with a certain number of action and CGI scenes. The River King is refreshing – there are no explosions, no CGI scenes and it wasn’t based on a comic book; this is just simply a great story with compelling acting, effective plot twists and a wonderful soundtrack. A murder mystery that you will remember long after the credits roll.

The film has a double story running through it with Able Grey trying to understand a family tragedy that he had blacked out for years while at the same time, working to solve the mystery of the boy’s suicide and convince everyone that this death was indeed murder. Both stories interweave with scenes from the case that remind Able of what happened all those years ago and launching a flashback that puts us one step closer to the truth.

(Edward Burns) films are usually watchable but rarely are they quite so compelling. Burns’ quickly connects with the viewer and soon his quest for the truth becomes our quest. It is he that makes The River King more than a run of the mill murder mystery and it is great to see him in such a character role. This is acting at it’s best and a thoughtful and intriguing mystery that will keep you gripped all the way through. Add to your list now!

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