Sunday, July 16, 2006

"You have displaced the mirth..."

Kosin's Chocolate Box was linked in an earlier post as KH. She has since updated:

My favorite line in the play is actually delivered by Ms. Ehle. In Act III, Lady MacBeth is trying to persuade her dinner guests that MacBeth often goes off in crazy tirades and that it is a "thing of custom." But MacBeth continues his feverish rambling and goes absolutely nuts speaking of murder and seeing the ghost of Banquo. Finally, MacBeth sobers up and tells everyone to resume the frivolity of dinner conversation. A moment of silence passes and Lady MacBeth, with raised eyebrow and an "oh-geez" air of sarcasm says...

"You have displaced the mirth..."

It was Ms. Ehle's deadpan delivery that made the entire audience laugh out loud. Forget all the famous lines in this play...that was the one that made me enjoy the show. She was great throughout - the type of scheming woman I'd imagine that would be running her own company as CEO...a worthy counterpart to Larry Ellison. In any case, a good portrayal of Lady MacBeth lends the sentiment that she is indeed the woman we all love to hate. And that, Ms. Ehle certainly did deliver.

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