Sunday, June 18, 2006

Round-up, round-up!

Let's again break the monotony of Macbeth.
Here's a blog roundup! (we all know you've been missing these)

From Madame Voilanska Livejournal about Possession
Mmmm. I do adore this movie.

Every time I see this I wonder if they cast Aaron Eckhart and Gwyneth Paltrow (okay, so she IS the perfect Maud) so that the chemistry between Jennifer Ehle and Jeremy Northam would be amplified beyond belief. Oh man, the tension is HIGH. It's so beautiful. *sighs*

If the whole movie were like the Victorian parts, it would be the best movie ever. And I do mean ever.


(There's some cute comments too)

Draco the Lizard comments on Wilde
I think BBC 2 had some sort of Stephen Fry theme night. First there was a repeat of QI, which me, my brother, sister and their respective partners quite liked. They too like sciency things, and if it's wrapped in entertainment then that's a bonus. They especially liked the 'Make A Constellation' game and sniggered at Alan's evil smily face, which was quite genius. Although the locomotive was quite inspired as well. Too bad it wasn't the one where they had to make words on magnetic bords, as the put smarties tube on cats makes them walk like a robot is the most genius thing EVER.

And then there was Wilde. I figured I'd watch it since a) I study English and b) It's STEPHEN FRY HELLO. The whole family caught the first half hour off that. I'm happy to say that:
- My father thought it was mostly boring and wondered why some of the sex scenes were so blurry.
- My mother was mostly offended by Oscar shagging Pretty Ioan Gruffudd five minutes after shagging Robbie Ross.
- My sister and brother-in-law were wondering how appropriate this movie was regarding my study. My sister was also certain that Jennifer Ehle was playing Oscar's wife when I was still in the 'She LOOKS like Lizzy, but I want to check' stage.
- My brother thought Oscar's hair was stupid and would not be convinced that the hair was quite fashionable at the time.

And apparently it had Orlando Bloom in it, his debut role for a whole ten seconds. I must've completely missed that, as I only learned of it from Then again, with Stephen Fry in the movie, one easily misses someone like Orlando Bloom

And The River King from Ishie
We watched The River King tonight, about this boarding school boy who is bullied by his housemates and ends up being fished out of a frozen river. Things don't seem so bad for me in comparison. (The movie was excellent, btw. Highly recommended; Edward Burns gives a really strong performance and Jennifer Ehle looks eerily like Meryl Streep.)

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