Sunday, June 25, 2006

Pride and Glory Expenses

From Times Online.
Farrell has to toil twice as hard as Morton bows out
The Irish actor Colin Farrell has had to reshoot scenes in his latest film after the producers fell out with the British actress Samantha Morton, best known for her role in Jim Sheridan’s In America. According to the Hollywood press, Morton left the set of the cop drama Pride and Glory because of “scheduling conflicts”. But the director, Gavin O’Connor, and his brother Greg told Sue they both found it “impossible” to work with her and clashed with the actress over her homework for the role, which included studying life in an Irish-American New York family. The O’Connor brothers brought in Jennifer Ehle instead and spent more than €100,000 reshooting scenes with Farrell, Ed Norton and Jon Voight. The film, based on stories the O’Connors heard from their father, a retired New York cop, features Voight as the patriarch of a family of police officers torn apart by a corruption scandal. In further news from Luvvieland, Woody Harrelson has revealed that he wanted his third child to be Irish but was overruled by the missus. “It was between Italy and Ireland,” Harrelson told Newsweek. “I was pulling for Ireland, but Laura preferred Italy, so that was that.”

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