Wednesday, June 21, 2006

"Liev to the Fullest"

This was an article from with some quotage from Jennifer Ehle about Liev Schreiber's Macbeth.

Schreiber's intensely serious approach to his work earns nothing but praise from his colleagues. Says Macbeth's director, Mois├ęs Kaufman, "Liev is amazing, the strangest animal. He is a virtuoso actor, with equal parts intelligence, talent, and heart. He has a piercing intelligence coupled with impeccable craft, not unlike Yo-Yo Ma," a duality that Schreiber evokes in his portrayal of Macbeth, the director suggests. "Macbeth is a man of great conscience, and Liev has the sensitivity to show that part in addition to Macbeth the warrior. Liev captures both those qualities and brings them to life gloriously. Liev is also good with a sword."

Adds Jennifer Ehle, who plays Lady Macbeth: "Liev brings an enviable mastery of text. He appeared to build an intellectual scaffold, and when it fell away, a warm character emerged with the choices internalized."

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