Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Dressing Room Photo

A photo I haven't seen taken by 'Simonannand'- The photographer.


Anonymous said...

I almost didn't recognize her.

Kate said...

She looks a lot like her mom there.

Jennite said...

New photos AND quotage? Dude, I bow down to you! :) When do you this is from?

The random snaps stuck on the mirror are interesting.

Look, a very young-looking Colin Firth:

Chelsea said...

Hehe thanks!
Great photo hey.
When do you this is from? hehe what does that mean?
(pst.. image searches provide some links you don't see very often)
Saw the CF.

Tsk tsk, we're not supposed to see you till Friday

Jennite said...

^THINK this is from :P C'mon, you should be able to read my mind by now.

And I'm only banning myself from the forum!

Chelsea said...

Drawing a blank babe.

Psht, technicalities

Jennite said...

Just asking when you think the photos were taken! Hazarding a guess...circa TRT?

Action point: work on ESP. Or, alternatively, spellcheck.

Chelsea said...

Yeah, circa TRT. Sorry, was confused.

Shall definitely work on ESP.