Sunday, April 16, 2006


Thank-you so much to the poster "LAonit" on the message board to the side of the blog. We have the most fantastic and premature news.
Looks like Jennifer Ehle is now performing with an ensemble cast in Michael Clayton, starring George Clooney. This is confirmed in a Michael O'Keefe site, but hasn't really been announced anywhere else.

The other film mentioned is Pride and Glory, about some New York police officers, which hasn't finished filming yet (that I know of) and doesn't have a distrubuter yet according to this Yahoo site.
In our tip-off's words, Ms Ehle is "replacing an actress that messed up", which looks like Samantha Morton, according to some gossip on IMDB.

Michael Clayton looks more up-and-running so far, and filming has been completed, apparently.

We look forward to more exciting news on these projects!


Michelle said...

Exciting news but strange that her name isn't listed on IMDB for Michael Clayton. Yet Michael O Keefe mentions her so it's curious.
Anyway, thanks for news. Glad she's getting more movie roles.

Jennite said...

IMDB is pretty unreliable I think. Road to the Sky isn't even listed yet.