Saturday, April 22, 2006

Rosemary Harris news

  • Rosemary Harris has appeared in a new book called "In Character: Actors Acting" by Howard Schatz. This, from Canoe Jam:
    In photographer Howard Schatz’s handsome new book, In Character: Actors Acting, that conceit is taken to extraordinary lengths. At times as unsettling as it is fascinating, the 264-page book takes us up close and personal with 100 actors. Faces are placed first; words are provided as shadings.

    Some actors are also given the opportunity to expound on acting or fame or career. These capsule essays go beyond the rote answers that the same actors resort to in celebrity interviews, so they have an intrinsic value.

    Some of the subjects are names, a few with Oscars: Don Cheadle, Ellen Burstyn, James Earl Jones, F. Murray Abraham, Martin Landau, Patrick Stewart, Danny Glover, Edie Falco.

    Some are faded stars looking for validation: Chevy Chase, Eric Roberts, Steve Guttenberg, Michael York

    Others are character actors with a pedigree: Dan Hedeya, Rosemary Harris, Christopher Lloyd, Sydney Pollack, Bill Pullman, Michael Lerner, Robert Loggia, the late Hume Cronyn

  • You can buy the book at Amazon or preview it at Howard Schatz' site.
  • BroadwayWorld mentions a play apparently starring Rosemary Harris which will be playing in 2007 at the Royal Theatre, Haymarket in London's West End. I can't vouch for this, because I can't find anymore information on it just yet. If you know anything, please write in the comments.
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