Saturday, April 15, 2006

"Old-fashioned Romantic"

A cute article written about romance and Lizzy Bennet's wardrobe.

Old fashioned romantic - me, never!!!

OK, so I may claim to be a cynic and never cry if a film is sad, but I am a sucker for a good old romantic film. Most especially when it is a period drama, and Richard Armitage is in it!

Yes, I am talking of the recently aired 'North and South' that has made my last four Sundays absolute bliss!

It was, by far, my favourite period drama since 'Pride and Prejudice'. I cooed, became angry, became sad and generally was absorbed by the whole affair.

The casting was perfect; in fact the whole of it was magical. Richard Armitage was brilliant as stern yet compassionate mill-owner, who fell in love with the beautiful independent Miss Hale, played by Daniela Denby-Ashe.

So, being an English student and prone to analysing pretty much everything I see and read, I've been thinking - why have those period drama days gone?

Firstly, they should definitely show different adaptations every Sunday! And secondly, on a personal note, I would love to have the same wardrobe as Miss Hale, and Elizabeth Bennet.

In fact, I have even been contemplating the idea of a 21st Birthday party period drama stylie! Bring back those lovely dresses!
And the romance, the wondering if he loves her, or if she loves him, when and how are they going to tell each other and the nervous behaviour and blushing when they come near you!

Oh, it's just beautiful, especially when you compare it to the modern ideas of courting. Gone are the days of secret letter passing, or loving gazes across the street. We now have bottom pinches, wolf whistling, and drunken chat-up lines such as "Get your coat, you've pulled!" Where has the romance gone?

So I say get rid of the boy racer car's, bring back men on horseback - grrrr! Definitely cancel hip grinding, dirty dancing and wandering hands, replace it with chamber dancing and any dances of class! And no more mini-skirts, leave a little to the imagination girls please!

Oh, and more gentlemanly behaviour in general is a must - door opening, drink buying etc! Most girls appreciate it so much, they are bound to buy you one back, and if they don't, frankly they aren't worth it anyway!

But I have to say, we can keep modern day technology, especially when it means you can have Richard Armitage as your screen saver!

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