Monday, April 10, 2006

New IMDB comments

Here are some recently created IMDB comments that we haven't posted before.

These are from The Camomile Lawn
"Jennifer Ehle's 'Calypso' is no less determined – although her ambition (to marry a rich man) is selfish and she remains self-centered throughout. But there is honesty in her chosen lifestyle which is no less appealing than that of Polly."

"Jennifer Ehle is, of course, delectable, and completely gorgeous, and acts the pants off everyone. Her accent is a wonderful mids-40s upper-class English, taken straight from Brief Encounter and the like. I didn't realize until today that she was born in North Carolina, I had her marked an English rose!"

"Jennifer Ehle proves herself one of the sexiest figures to have been seen on screen, and a classic and classy actress to boot."

From Possession:
"But, in the final analysis, the movie belongs to Jennifer Ehle, whom I'd never seen before. An amazing performance in an amazing part. And the scene with her back to the camera and her long red braid hanging down her back is worth the price of admission alone. Ashe was a lucky man indeed."

From Sunshine:
"I loved the first hour of this film. Jennifer Ehle is, or soon will be a MAJOR DISCOVERY. This woman has been blessed with the power to simultaneously be and convey a kind of beauty that exists mainly on a spiritual level. She could be a young, British Meryl Streep."
(*cough*, not British)

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