Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Knightley/Ehle debate

I know we're all getting sick of the comparisons, but they discuss it at LiveJournal.
When you're reading the comments, beware of differing opinions.
I think that Jennifer Ehle's Elizabeth was much more loyal. That Elizabeth was more down-to-earth and demure, used a very good tone when she was insulting Mr. Darcy, and truly seemed to not care that Mr. Darcy didn't like her at first. Hehe, I think I'm particularly stuck on how the two reacted towards Mr. Darcy's "slight" towards Elizabeth. In contrast to Keira's pained expression that looked like she was thinking, "How could he say that...", Jennifer let out a little laugh and her expression looked like she was thinking, "What a jerk" and went straight to Charlotte so they could giggle about it. Jennifer's Elizabeth was very good with her expressions. They weren't childish, but more proud and seemed to offer just a friendly challenge. Keira's Elizabeth seemed to get no pleasure from going against Mr. Darcy while Jennifer's seemed to think it was amusing.

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