Sunday, April 09, 2006

Collection of reviews

These are excerpts from Sunshine reviews available in (mostly) full text at this James Frain website.
"(Valerie) is played by Jennifer Ehle, daughter and look-alike of Rosemary Harris. Ehle, as the daughter who wants nothing more than to be a photographer, fills every dark room in the picture with her light. When she is on screen, the focus on her co-stars fades ever so slightly, the camera loves her so."
"Canadian actress Rosemary Harris and her daughter Jennifer Ehle play the older and younger versions of Valerie the independent woman who refuses to have her spirit broken by any person or regime."
*Rosemary Harris is Canadian now?
"The film is anchored by Ehle and Harris, equally luminous as Valerie, who possesses the strength and wisdom of a woman who always dared to be true to herself."
"Played in youth by Jennifer Ehle, in old age by Rosemary Harris (Ehle's real life mother), Valerie Sonnenschein is the heart of this story. While each new youth follows the latest regime in power, she can only watch as they again take the road of the misguided man."
"The performance by Rosemary Harris is one of the best of the year. She takes the rains of the character from Ehle and adds wise age to the character already created"

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