Saturday, March 04, 2006

"Rosemary Harris: Actress for All Seasons"

I can't remember where I've seen this article, but I'm sure it hasn't been posted here yet. It's an interview with Rosemary Harris, but with numerous references to her daughter.
It's from Theatre Mania and is 3 pages.
(*Photo is from the shoot referred to in the article)
Diminutive yet statuesque, Rosemary Harris is nestled in her cozy, L-shaped dressing room, brandishing the same knowing smile she had on the stage of the Walter Kerr Theater in Waiting in the Wings a few moments earlier. She points to a glossy color photo of a strikingly beautiful young woman tacked to the wall.

No, it well could be, but it's not Harris as a young actress in the 1950s in The Disenchanted co-starring Jason Robards. That would be out-of-sync with what Harris, one of the finest stage actresses of our time, is all about--about caring for others, about joy, family, and great hope for the New York theater.

"It's my daughter, Jennifer. It was taken by Lord Snowdon for Vanity Fair, so it's very airbrushed and done up," says Harris, exuding the same odd mix of radiant sex appeal and unselfish motherly love she does on stage. "Ellis Rabb, my first husband, always said, 'She has a movie career in the palm of her hand.' But he was so anxious that she also keep up her stage work. That's what's wonderful--that it has happened with The Real Thing. That she's gone back to the stage [after doing several independent movies]. She did 15 months at Stratford-on-Avon and got wonderful reviews there. And it got her ready, in a sense, for this moment, for this wonderful part in The Real Thing, which is coming to Broadway in the spring."
She shows me a write-up of her daughter, Jennifer Ehle, which was just published in the London Sunday Times. Did Harris discourage her daughter from being in the theater? "No, I didn't," she said. "She just came to me one day when she was 14 and said, 'I want to do it.' I said 'Why?' And she said, 'Why wouldn't I? You have so much fun!'


marguerite said...

Dear beautiful Jennifer we loved you in The Kings Speech! Wish we could have seen more of you! The ring neck dove must be good omen, how exciting!!
Marguerite and your godson Alexander

Anonymous said...

Jennifer is one of my favourite actresses, and her mother is excellent too.