Thursday, March 23, 2006

Painter of Dishonour reviews

Now there's a blast from the past! I thought it was high time we find out about some of the older/obscurer works of Jennifer Ehle. Beware of some negative bits. has several reviews. Here are the relevant exerpts.

"Jennifer Ehle is fine indeed as the wife Serafina, voice and bodice a-tremble as she is racked between the demands of love and honour. "

"As Serafina, Jennifer Ehle's bosom heaves affectingly apparently possessed by a fear of death as much as dishonour, hardly surprising given that a figure of death in a red mask pops up at all the best parties."

"Jennifer Ehle - equipped with strikingly beautiful cheekbones and breasts - is so constrained by Serafina's high nobility that she almost never once sounds natural. "

"Jennifer Ehle, Douglas Henshall, Clifford Rose and others resist the temptation to send it all up, which is much to their credit: and John Carlisle goes further. His Don Juan ends up in one of those moral predictaments so loved by Spanish Golden Age dramatists. "

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