Sunday, March 26, 2006

New York Times review

An analytical review on The Real Thing by Ben Brantley of the New York Times.
These are the sections that mention Ms Ehle.

"And with the delectable Jennifer Ehle playing self-confident body to Mr. Dilane's self-questioning mind, the show has a sensual sparkle that was less evident in the fine Tony-winning New York incarnation of 1984 with Jeremy Irons and Glenn Close."

"Fortunately, there is another side to be heard from, and it is ably embodied by Ms. Ehle. This rising star, best known as Elizabeth in the recent television adaptation of ''Pride and Prejudice,'' wears her character's sensuality, and her awareness of its effect on others, without coyness or irony. There is no smugness about her either (and there was, a bit, in Ms. Close's portrayal), but there is a remarkable self-possession, especially evident in the smile with which she covers discomfort. This Annie easily holds her own against the older Henry and his artillery of words."

"Watch, for example, Ms. Ehle's postures when Annie breaks off with Max (something to which Mr. Lindsay responds harrowingly); when she keeps trying to touch Henry during an argument and when she kisses Mr. Pearce's young actor in a way that unquestionably confirms her dominance in that relationship."

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