Saturday, March 25, 2006

From the back of the closet

Here's a review for Tartuffe from (gasp) 1991.

...Jennifer Ehle as Orgon's wife also manage to tread the borderlines of farce and moral fable with admirable aplomb, so that we don't really need the rather ponderous scenic signaling by which Hall has the playing area darkened by shutters as Tartuffe's plot thickens, only to have them opened again when the King's Messenger brings a last-minute, if equally improbable, reprieve...

And from the same website that the Painter of Dishonour reviews came from, there are three reviews on The Relapse.
"Susan Tracy's razor-sharp Berinthia is also allowed to assume the acceptable face of adultery by sharing a moment of fond feminine intimacy with the delightful Jennifer Ehle, the cousin whose husband she fully intends to bed."

"Its main exponent is Amanda (a touching, intelligent Jennifer Ehle), who, having learned that bored husband Loveless (the excellent Hugh Quarshie, back in Stratford where he belongs) has committed adultery, must somehow resist the temptation to return the favour with dashing cad Mr. Worthy (Michael Gardiner)"

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