Thursday, February 23, 2006

"Sophie, who lives on a barge"

Here's an excellent review on This Year's Love from Preview Online. Here are the Jennifer Ehle-related bits (includes her own words).

Sophie could possibly have been born in Camden - the posh bit up towards Regents Park - but she’s now a single mother with an eight-year-old son, living on a barge in rebellion against her parents. She meets up with Liam in the local cyber cafe and has a brief, unsuccessful relationship with him. Then she meets Danny in his women-only tattooing parlour, ‘Pricks and Chicks’, and ends up in bed with him. Last in line is Cameron, whom she introduces to her parents and almost marries - until she ‘connects’ with an aromatherapist called Tarquin.

Sophie is played by Jennifer Ehle, best known for her TV work in such prestige drama productions as Pride and Prejudice (she played Elizabeth Bennett). But she has also had major film roles in Backbeat (as John Lennon’s wife, Cynthia), Wilde (as Constance) and Rose Troche’s Bedrooms and Hallways (as Sally). She will soon be seen opposite Ralph Fiennes in Istvan Szabo’s A Taste of Sunshine.

“Sophie is very much trying to find someone to be with without letting them in,” says Ehle. “I think she can’t quite come to terms with the fact that she has to open up in order for that to happen. You get a bit of balance with Cameron towards the end, but she has not relinquished him any kind of control."

"The script captured a side of London that I hadn’t seen portrayed in a film. It was very urban, sexy and funny. The characters aren’t particularly healthy, and you watch them make mistakes again and again. It’s a comedy of errors."

“Sophie is a departure for me in that I have recently played a lot of very warm, loving women who stand by their man no matter what. Sophie is very different - she is standing by herself.”

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