Wednesday, February 01, 2006

P&P Merchandise

I just discovered (with the help of a message by an IMBD'er on the P&P '95 forum) a bunch of excellent P&P merchandise.
My favourite: there's a Pride and Prejudice board game for $37.00
Just how well do you know your Jane Austen? You'll find out once you play this board game based on her most popular novel, Pride and Prejudice. Your favorite characters--paired as couples--are the game pieces here and, true to the story, marriage is the ultimate goal. Players move along the board between Longbourn, Pemberley, Netherfield, Lucas Lodge, and London, collecting tokens and answering questions about both the book and life in Austen's times. The first couple to collect all of their tokens and arrive at the parish church to be married wins! Pride and Prejudice aficionados will get a kick out of this fresh twist on a favorite novel, and first-time Austen readers will find it an excellent way to become familiar with the story and characters.

There's also a Pride and Prejudice beach towel (?!), a Jane Austen mug, and Jane Austen note cards. There are some P&P sequals for sale as well.

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Sands said...

OMG! Why have I missed this part of ur blog b4..I must have been blind! Well u can guess what I shall be getting soon for my beach holiday in spain this yr!! Lol As well as the game board of course!!!Lol!