Friday, February 03, 2006

Jennifer Ehle's "got the HEAT!"

The following reviews are about Possession. I think the first reviewer may be taking the poetry thing slightly too far. Except for the words, "heat" and "hotness". Oh, and I'm sure you don't need reminding that Ms Ehle isn't British.
Where do I begin? There isn’t a thing about this film that’s real, yet I loved it. It was HOT! Paltrow, trotting out that accent that won her an Oscar (but won’t this time no matter how hard she tries), and Eckhart, a LaBute regular who is perhaps best known as the man who asks Julia Roberts for her number in the excellent Erin Brockovich, bring the new hotness as our pair of modern day, star-crossed, commitment-phobic lovers destined to be together. But it’s Ms. Ehle, a British actress with an extensive theatre resume, her hair red like fire from the sun and blood from the vein, who emerges as the one to watch. Like a mistress of the night, she commands your attention and craves your love. She’s got the HEAT! Plus, she plays a lesbian, which I am not endorsing, but it does tend to make her more exotic than someone who plays a character named Maud. I mean, Bea Aruthur had her own sitcom named Maude, but does anyone really think she can stand in the flame and not be consumed?

While the modern-day lovers may be interesting examples of how dispassionate and insulated we have become over time, watching Ehle's striking strength and intelligence as a woman determined to live for herself and Northam's Ash, wavering between his devotion to his wife, whom he loves, and his growing passion for his intellectual equal, is not only riveting, but also more inspiring as a lesson in how to love.

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