Sunday, February 12, 2006

Double supporting actress award?

On this website, the idea bout having a 'combined supporting actress nomination' (Oscar) is raised in relation to Ms Ehle and Ms Harris' performances in Sunshine. The writer disagrees with the concept, but thinks it's 'charming' and 'quirky'. But wouldn't it be nice?

Alex's Oscar Column
As of this writing, it doesn't seem that the split factor will play much of a role regarding Ehle and Harris in Sunshine as Paramount Classics is trying to pair them up for a so-called 'combined supporting actress nomination'; naturally, I vehemently object and question the validity of this tactic. (Ehle and Harris are real-life daughter and mother; in Sunshine, they get to play the same character at different stages of her life.) Allow me to point out that the category is entitled "Best Performance By An Actress in A Supporting Role": there's no plurality involved; it's clearly intended for a single performance. I suspect a few voters will buy into Paramount Classics' proposal as a charming, quirky gesture, but frankly hope such nonsense fails to pass. (It's a shame, too, as I understand Ehle's performance is really quite wonderful in the film.)

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