Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Wilde Thing

Here's a collection of snippets of reviews about Wilde.

Gina Arnold from Metroactive
As Wilde's long-suffering wife, Constance, Jennifer Ehle looks just as she did in the BBC production of Pride and Prejudice, which is a pity, because we all know that Ehle's Elizabeth Bennett wouldn't have put up with such nonsense from her husband for a minute.

David Walsh from WSWS
Jennifer Ehle, a fine actress, has little to do but appear long-suffering; the film paints her character in unrealistically flattering colors.

David Armstrong from SFGate.com
However, "Wilde," like Wilde, is flawed. Gilbert's direction is sturdy but uninspired, and Ehle's part is underwritten. To her credit, Ehle movingly conveys the sad frustration that Wilde implanted in his lonely wife; but Ehle has to do the work, playing her feelings on her face, with little help from Julian Mitchell's screenplay.

And Cathleen Myers from PeerReviews
Jennifer Ehle, the enchanting Elizabeth Bennett from the recent BBC Pride & Prejudice, simply glows with warmth and sympathy as Wilde’s adoring wife Constance

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