Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Real Thing reviews

The Albermale of London has six extracts from reviews on The Real Thing.
Warning: not all positive stuff.

Some highlights:

Stephen Dillane has already won the Evening Standard's best actor award for his performance as the distinctly Stoppardian playwright, Henry, and both he and his co-star Jennifer Ehle, who plays Henry's mistress, are deservedly up for gongs in the forthcoming Oliviers.
As Anna, Ehle has a luminous beauty and a teasing sensuality that makes this an unforgettably sexy production. My only complaint is that her trick of speaking in a voice that seems simultaneously full of laughter and tears is becoming excessively mannered.

Henry's romantically absolutist philosophy of love both from his own point of view, and that of Annie (performed with intelligence and passion by the luminous Jennifer Ehle) and his ex-wife Charlotte (played with a nice sulky sense of humour by Sarah Woodward)...

Jennifer Ehle is also excellent as Annie: she has an extraordinary gift for constantly appearing on the verge of tears yet she retaliates against Henry's suave put-downs with spirit and dignity. Sarah Woodward is cunningly cast as Henry's ex-wife.

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