Saturday, January 07, 2006

Perspectives on Possession

A section of a review of Possession from Bob Bloom:

The four leads are masterful, but it is Northam and Ehle who hold your hearts. Northam has the intense look of the poet, his eyes burning, his soul in torment.
Ehle is a treasure. You are drawn to her eyes, which show love, humor and defiance as well as pain and sadness. When she is on screen, she commands your attention.

And from K99.1FM
Possession is a lushly romantic study of both the transcendent power of language and the seductive nature of literary mystery. In this case, the mystery spirals beyond the past and into the present. Bridging the two eras is the language of love, expressed in grand physical passions yet also at its fullest in the written word.

To portray Ash and Christabel, the filmmakers cast Jeremy Northam and Jennifer Ehle. Weinstein calls them "amazing actors. They understood the tentativeness of their characters and particularly of what it meant for Ash, who had lived a loveless life, to reach out and dare to go off with this woman who had less to lose:"

Playing opposite each other, Northam confides that the pair "set up our own little world where a look or an action would tell the audience a whole page's worth of explanation about what's going on between these two people. It is those little things that inform the nature of the relationship, and you can't script them. I've always been interested in style, which is often misconstrued as just how you walk and talk, and there are different layers of style within Possession that are quite intriguing."

Jennifer Ehle feels that the Victorian era has long been "treated as a heightened romantic period, probably more than it actually was."

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