Thursday, January 26, 2006

'Oozing good looks'

This is part of a review of Bedrooms and Hallways from CultureVulture

...Still, there are plenty of funny bits peppered about and the cast is appealing and quick with the lines. Callow is rather limited by the satirical stereotyping of his role, but he has it down to a T - the smarmy, ultrasupportive fountain of new age wisdom. Tom Hollander, as Leo's flat-mate, Darren, makes the token flamboyant queen role his own, transcending an incident or two of superfluous overwriting. Julie Graham, as Angie, Leo and Darren's hair colorist buddy, gets just the right indignant tone into: "You're a strawberry blond. You can't go out with an ash blond. It's not right." McKidd, Purefoy, and Ehle are all quite fine, oozing good looks, charm, and sexiness.

Rose Troche, the director, finds the right pacing for the material, though a little more discipline in cutting some of the unnecessary chaff out of the script would have made for a stronger film. Troche has an eye for detail, catching moments of truth with flashing insight. There is a scene with Leo and Brendan cuddled together, both wondering if more will happen, neither quite sure enough to make a move. All of that is conveyed with their eyes - each seeking the other, each turning away just too soon, missing the contact. The desire, the insecurity, the frustration all register nonverbally. That's good acting, but it's excellent directing.

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