Sunday, January 15, 2006

My Melissa Review

Here's my review of the mini-series, Melissa. NB: I haven't read the book, and there are spoilers within.

Melissa is a bizarre mystery with a complex plot full of intelligent twists and turns, and fantastic characters. In the 90’s ‘made-for-TV’ thriller format, it’s easy to look over the less-than-perfect sound and picture quality and corny background music because the story and the acting are superb and engaging.

Melissa, played by Jennifer Ehle, is a complex character full of sass, cheekiness, and earthy sensuality; she also carries a no-nonsense attitude and some hidden, dark secrets. Ms Ehle plays off Tim Dutton extremely well, and it is easy to believe their impulsive falling in love. As Guy, Dutton has the opportunity to express a sensitive side, that is easily disturbed by the world and inequalities within; thereby igniting a pretty nasty temper, which would mislead the audience into believing he may be the killer.

Julie Walters is wonderful as Paula, and I adore the relationship she shares with Melissa. The secret about their relationship, which unfolds towards the end of the movie is a nice touch, adding dimension to the usual ‘who-dunnit’ storyline.

I really enjoyed this mini-series, and I am a great fan of the mystery genre. Jennifer Ehle was outstanding, as she always is, and it’s always a pleasure to see her in a complex title role worthy of her to sink her teeth into.


Anonymous said...

Just wondering - where did you get hold of a copy of Melissa?

Jennite said...

From me. E-mail me at

Annie said...

Hi, I am just starting to watch Melissa, barely into the First Episode, but wanted to ask you - do you know where it was filmed? It is clearly not Cape Town (I come from Cape Town!) and I have googled but can't find the locations for this film.
Jennifer is certainly beautiful, 3 years after P&P!
Thanks, Annie