Tuesday, January 03, 2006

"My goodness, how they've changed"

You can buy this Radio Times magazine article, from July 1997 at Colin Firth Shop

This is a superb magazine which is dated the 12th - 18th of July 1997, within this magazine is a fantastic two page article titled "My goodness, how they've changed" which looks at what life has been like for Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle since starring in the BBC adaptation of "Pride and Prejudice", the wet shirt scene, how women wanted to be Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth Bennet, Colin Firth's film roles and Jennifer Ehle's theatre work and films, how nothing they have done since has had the impact that "Pride and Prejudice" had, "Darcymania", Colin Firth's off screen relationship with Jennifer Ehle while filming "Pride and Prejudice" etc. With this article there are two lovely photos of Colin Firth with actress Jennifer Ehle, one photo of them as themselves and one of them dressed up as Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet from the BBC adaptaion of "Pride and Prejudice".

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