Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Design for Living

I thought it was high time we posted some perspectives on Design for Living. So I dug up some stuff from Ehlenews, and found some reviews. There are links to the full articles via Ehlenews. In fact, if you do a search for 'Design for Living', or 'DFL', you should find lots more.

'Design for Living' still delivers sexy shocks
By Elysa Gardner

Jennifer Ehle, winner of last year's Tony Award forbest actress in aplay, triumphs as Gilda, capturing the character'scool wit and feral sensuality, her frustrating self-absorption and rueful self-flagellation.

Regis about DFL
On Friday mornings Regis show he talked about his attending opening night of DFL. He said he loved it. He held up the program. He especially praised the performances. Talked about what great actors they all were. He mentioned Jennifer's name and pronounced it "urly" talked about how he remembered her from TRT.

Fan Review of DFL (warning: very honest in parts). The full article is very long though informative. It contains spoilers (though it doesn't really matter since the play's over)
Jenn was luminous and very sexy in certain scenes. She has no problem turning up the estrogen. :-) She was terrific in the play. But I thought she was a tad too broody in some of the scenes for my taste. Yes, her words were dark, but I thought she could have played those lines lighter, with more irony. My mind started to wander a little too. I thought of how Carole Lombard might have played those lines.

I kept thinking that I did not care for the director's vision of this thing at all. He had a terrific cast, who did a terrific job. But he took the subtlety out of Coward's play, brought the alternative lifestyles front and center, and lost much of the comedy. imo.

Just a bit of trivia, Jenn has the same understudy from TRT.

I briefly saw Jenn at the stagedoor. As usual, I just lurked. But she appeared to be sweet and gracious as ever.

So if anyone goes to see this play, you won't be disappointed in Jenn or the other actors. They really are quite good and are a pleasure to watch. Consummate pros. Great stage presence. The play is another thing. I kept thinking that in the hands of a different director, this cast could have knocked this play out of the ballpark.

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