Thursday, December 01, 2005

Random collection of reviews

The title is self-explanatory. Reviews from Possession, Wilde, Sunshine, and the new Pride and Prejudice (mentioning Ms Ehle).

From StudentLife (Pride and Prejudice- if that doesn't take you to the page, go here, and click the first link)
Any production of "Pride and Prejudice" will no doubt be compared to the landmark A&E production of the Jane Austen novel, in which Jennifer Ehle gave a commanding performance as the spirited and likable Lizzy...
Knightley certainly looks the part of an English beauty, but perhaps due to the shorter length of the film or the distracting way in which she twitches her nose at every opportunity, her performance falls short of Ehle's

From BoxOffice Magazine (Possession)
Ehle in particular is at once cherubic and mature, clever and cultured, selfish and sacrificing

From (Wilde)
...a woefully underused Jennifer Ehle (Pride and Prejudice) as Wilde's wife. Despite limited screen time, Ehle manages to fashion Connie Wilde into a heartbreakingly sympathetic character, which makes the truncation of that subplot all the more frustrating.

From Spirituality and Health (Possession)
Jennifer Ehle, who was so mesmerizing in Istvan Szabo's Sunshine, steals the movie with her incandescent performance as Christabel

From (Sunshine) (Again)
The film's spark plug is Jennifer Ehle (who had the lead role in the astounding made-for-TV miniseries of Pride and Prejudice), who brings a spirit to young Valerie that is as fiery as her red hair. Ehle is only around for the film's first third, and, although Rosemary Harris is effective after inheriting the role, Sunshine is never quite the same.

From Scott's Movie Reviews (Sunshine)
Jennifer Ehle provides the real sunshine in the film as the only family member to live through the tragic events that befall her. Her sweet-natured performance is supplemented by a strength and vibrancy that helps her remain optimistic in the face of unbeatable odds. Ehle's real-life mother Rosemary Harris plays Valerie in her later years, adding even more credibility to the role.

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