Tuesday, December 13, 2005

"A Proper Lizzy"

This is from an anti-2005 Pride and Prejudice adaptation blog, so if you like it or are sensitive about it, do not read. I'm only blogging it because they are nice about Jennifer Ehle, and there's some funny stuff on it.

At the bottom, they state, "Keira Knightley, allow me to introduce Jennifer Ehle... a proper Lizzie." With the accompanying photo to the right.

And there's a pretty funny letter from "Mr Darcy", no doubt written by the author of the blog, complaining about the new adaptation. They say:
"Second—and more worrisome—is the actress you hired to play my dearest, loveliest Elizabeth. In the wonderful 1995 TV adaptation, you hired a fair skinned, healthy and fine eyed Jennifer Ehle to portray my better half. She had the proper proportions and demeanor. You can tell this much from here. (Aside: boy don’t I look dashing)"
*Photo to the side

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