Thursday, November 24, 2005

Kidman/Ehle link

These two bits of information I feel, didn't deserve a post each. So I put them together- just in case you might be interested...

1) Obviously this is nothing but pure speculation, but I was interested to discover two links between Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Ehle. Maybe she's become a fan as well? Nicole Kidman saw The Real Thing (she co-starred with Stephen Dillane in The Hours), and was also spotted at a New York Premier, dressed as Ms Ehle as Elizabeth Bennet.

2) On this website, the authors go to so much trouble to get every bit of Ms Ehle's life correct, including her background, education, filmography, and trivia. However, they somehow manage to put the wrong photo on the webpage. Does anyone know who that actually is? [edit: the photo is of Embeth Davidtz; thanks to everyone who let us know]


Erenia said...

It's very strange that a photo of the actress Embeth Davidtz (she plays Natasha Glenville in "Bridget Jones's Diary")has been put on Jennifer Ehle's file in that website and I'm horrified for all the mistakes!

Anonymous said...

That photo of Embeth is from the movie Mansfield Park.
Horrible adapatation, btw.