Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Charlie Rose interview available

You can buy the Charlie Rose interview with Jennifer Ehle and Stephen Dillane at this website. The DVD is US$34.95, and the VHS is $29.95 (plus shipping and handling.) The full transcript is available at fansite. Pretty expensive, but I'm interested in buying it simply for this moment:

JE: And he's so brilliant. I mean, there are sort of these silent detonations in the play which I still sort of discover them about within the relationship. But also what makes up, well, Annie, my character, is her inarticulate-ness (she kind of motions with her hands, like she's trying to get out some more words, then she pauses and puts her hand up in the air) Well...

(She starts laughing. Everyone else starts laughing.)

Why of course, there's my audition right there.

CR (laughing): You got inarticulateness, didn't you?

JE (still laughing): Yeah, I did.

CR (laughing): Go ahead.

JE (still laughing): Well, I completely destroyed - I completely shot myself in the foot.

CR: Oh, try!

JE (laughing): Because, no, no...what I was going to say was I've never had to play it, 'cause it's in the lines, but obviously I just did. I don't have to play it anyway.

Too cute.


Anonymous said...

The DVD is just as good as the VHS version. In addition, you only have to change disks twice (better than having to get up four times).

Anonymous said...

Ooo....I remember that part of the interview. It was very cute.